How to Get Security Clearance

Getting a security clearance is a process which should be strictly followed. If you are someone who is dreaming of getting clearance to open up more opportunities, I can help you with the process that you need to do to acquire a clearance for confidential and top secret files. Just a little reminder, it will not be easy to get the clearance. It’s like passing through a needle hole but worth it.

Step 1: Application Process

The application process is not as easy when you are applying for a job but it is the easiest part when you’re applying for security clearance. A verification of citizenship and residence are required. You will also be asked for your fingerprints. Aside from that, you need to fill out a form called SF-86 or Personal Security Questionnaire.

Step 2: Background Check

There will be a literal background check which means all information about you will be dug up. The DSS or Defense Security Service will be the one to conduct the background check. It will include all your records from finances to criminal records (if there are any). Every detail of your life will be investigated such as outstanding loans, unpaid bills and a lot more.

Step 3: Adjudication

Once the background investigation is completed, it will go through a thorough review which is called the adjudication process. The review process will be evaluated by the Department of Defense. The department will be basing their conclusion on thirteen guidelines. There should be a positive result in all thirteen factors to be considered for an approved security clearance.

If you are planning to get approval for security clearance, make sure that you start preparing right now. You have to be a model citizen with an entirely clean record to get the approval.