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Here are a few useful links that we find helpful for people’s awareness. As time passes, we will be adding more useful links that will be beneficial to all our readers.

All About Security Clearances


You can learn a lot of things about security clearances straight from The U.S Department of State. There will be facts stated from acquiring the clearance up to the periodic reinvestigation that is usually done every five years.

Background checks and security clearances


Before anyone can get a security clearance most especially for federal jobs, series of background checks will be conducted as well as exams and interviews. On this section, you can learn a lot about the process and different security levels.

Eligibility Guidelines for Gaining Security Clearance


Of course, if you want to be prepared for the things that you need to know, make sure that the requirements are followed accordingly. You’ll get to check the guidelines and prepare for it ahead of time.

Security Clearance Law


If you have a security clearance, it comes along with a lot of responsibilities that are somehow interconnected to legal matters. The link will provide you information that can help if ever there is a need for a security clearance defense.

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